Overtraining and the Importance of Rest Days

By Daisy Peters It’s well known that a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular physical activity, has many benefits, including prevention of chronic conditions, improved mental health and a decrease in mortality. Sounds great… but can there be too much of a good thing? In short, yes. Given the current situation, it’s easy to lose track Read more

Vitamin D and the Fight Against Covid-19

By Sarah Bennett of Sarah Bennett Nutrition There has been some interesting research lately about vitamin D and covid-19. While it is by no means a cure for the virus, the research relates to the benefits of the vitamin and immune response. We all know vitamin D is essential and immune support is just one Read more

You Don’t Need to Exercise to Earn Food

By Nutritionist Sarah Bennett The BBC recently broadcast a show showing a restaurant where every calorie eaten is burned off by a secret gym team next door. (Yep, they actually did) The fact that this is airing in the middle of lockdown is even more shocking than the show itself. So, here are a few Read more

QnA with Harlequins Back Luke Northmore

Tavistocks Luke Northmore signed on with Premiership Club Harlequins at the start of the 19/20 season, after being scouted from his university side Cardiff Met the season previously playing some great rugby at outside centre… He answered some quick(ish)fire questions for us… How long did it take to grow your ‘tasche and how do you Read more

Top 10 Tips for eating well in Lockdown

Hands up if you’re at home, picking at scrumptious and calorific food, if your goals of getting fit and healthy have been side-lined by gym closures and social distancing. I’m imagining a whole lot of hands in the air. Mine would be up waving around with yours. I’m a personal trainer and a PN nutrition Read more

Get Some Sleep!

By Sarah Bennett from Sarah Bennett Nutrition Sleep. The elixir of life. Know that old saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”? Well, you’ll be dead sooner if you don’t get your sleep! The less sleep you have the more likely you are going to suffer from ill-health and even die earlier! How much does sleep Read more