Group Sessions

Not your average group training programme….

  • Well planned and progressive done-for-you programme – simply turn up with a willingness to give it beans, we take care of the rest!
  • Up-to-date, proven, effective training methods – although our key values and principles stay the same, our training programmes change based on current research.
  • Non-intimidating environment
  • Fully qualified and experienced coaches
  • Private Facebook support group

“I started NLFitness just over a year ago after a year of no training due to a frozen shoulder. What NLFitness offered compared to the standard gym vibe really helped me to train again and not make mistakes which I had made previously. They are dedicated to helping me make the most of each session and also continue the rehab of my shoulder. A fantastic gym with dedicated trainers that really care not only about finding training routines that suit you but also about your well being while doing it.” – Mike P

Sammie P“I was introduced to workouts and equipment that I had never used before, if there is a problem with any workout there is always an alternative to suit you! I would strongly recommend the groups to anyone who wants to start getting fit and for more information on what they should be eating.” – Sammie P

A word from Founder Nick

“Our group sessions unintentionally started years ago with 2 friends training together…one of their friends saw the results they were getting and how much fun they were having and wanted to get in the mix too…this happened with one of their friends, and their friends…until the group grew and grew! We found lots of people wanted a similar style of training to our 1-to-1 service but without the price tag, so we created NLFitness Group Sessions!

Since then we’ve continued to build and adapt our group system to offer the most effective and fun way of improving your health, fitness and body confidence, all whilst enjoying the process. We ensure everyone can get involved – with a mixture of age ranges and abilities, and the opportunity to as many times a week as you like with a selection of days and times to choose from each week.

We’ve managed to cultivate a really great, non-intimidating environment in which people with or without exercise experience can get stuck in and flourish!

Although the groups work on principles and systems, we are always adapting and evolving to make sure the training and nutrition advice we offer is the most up-to-date and effective it can possibly be.

We like to think of our group sessions as an accountable gym membership, one in which every session is planned for you, and coached through with a like-minded group all constantly trying to better themselves.

We really strive to make the 45-60mins members are in the studio the best of their day!”

Packages (no long contracts)…

4 x sessions/month = £35/month

8 x sessions/month = £60/month

Unlimited x sessions/month = £70/month

Head to the Schedule and Bookings page for a full class list

“I’m now stronger, confident using gym equipment and learnt so much through the recipe book and nutritional advice. The variety in exercises is great from rope slams to halos no week is the same which keeps me motivated to return each early morning. Bring on year 2!” – Rach M

“The sessions are always well planned and enjoyable and are always structured to enable a progression over a defined period of time. As you feel yourself getting fitter the sessions squeeze that extra level of improvement from you as they become harder. Attention to detail is second to none with extra advice on diet and recovery offered frequently giving the total all-round fitness package.” – Jason C