Hybrid Personal Training

Making Health and Fitness part of YOUR lifestyle

Our new Hyrbrid Personal Training model brings together all of the key components we’ve used over the years into one monthly package…

With a mix of in-person personal training sessions, group sessions, full in-app training and nutrition programming – we have put together a package that creates the best possible chances of success! Working with a coach, we establish your goals and create realistic, sustainable habits arounds training, sleep, stress and nutrition – habits you can use forever to have a positive effect on your physical and mental wellbeing…

  • Health and Fitness built around YOUR lifestyle and preferences
  • Create sustainable results whatever your health and fitness mission
  • In-person and group sessions are taken in our bespoke 2,000 square ft training studio
  • All programming and nutrition guidance is housed in our custom app
  • Weekly in-depth check-ins and access to our database of useful references

£230/month or £797 for 4 months 

Personal Training FB Review

Ed L

“I came to NLFitness with an unusual request. Help me beat depression. I’ve been on multiple types of anti-depressants, I’ve had hypnotherapy, kinesiology, counselling and read every self-help book ever written all to no avail. Exercise is always recommended as a way to help alleviate the symptoms, unfortunately, I work a very manual job as a Landscape Gardener, and that didn’t help, so I thought I’d try some Personal Training.
The structured, tailored sessions which increase in intensity week after week have helped banish this “black dog” from my head. Two months after starting, no more anti-depressants, three months, I ran the 10km RockSolid in Exeter. Five months? I’m still loving every session, I’m stronger mentally and feel I can handle anything. Oh and the muscle definition? I love a mirror these days!
Anyone in my situation who doesn’t necessarily want to get strong physically but mentally, I can’t recommend this more. I’m a new man. No longer average, I beat the black dog and it feels good!” – Ed L

A word from Founder Nick…

Nick LaneWhen I started NLFitness back in 2009, I had already been a spectator of the industry for years. One major thing had always stood out to me – the lack of the personal in personal training! So when I started the business, one of my key aims was to create training, nutrition and lifestyle programmes that work around the individual, instead of fitting people into a one-size-fits-all approach.

My goal was to bring together the best coaches in the area, each boasting a specific skill and style of coaching, and offer simple, effective, high-value personal training to the South West. 10 years on and although our principles, core values and foundation remain the same, we continue to adapt and expand our knowledge base to bring you the most up-to-date, proven and effective training methods available.

I truly believe it’s our diverse Teams continual learning, and practical and personal experience, that makes us a great option for those looking to improve their lives through health and fitness – Nick L

“I have now been going to NLFitness for personal training three times a week for three months, and have never felt so strong and confident about myself.
Over the past ten years, I have joined several gyms and tried personal training but have never felt motivated enough or seen enough physical improvements to inspire me to continue past a couple of months.
However, the coaches’ attention to detail, knowledge and breadth of support has helped me change my lifestyle resulting in dramatic changes in my physique, energy levels and strength.” – Dan H

“WOW! It was as if someone had waved a magic wand! Within a short time, I had lost that stubborn abdominal flab and dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. I now have loads of energy, I sleep well after years of waking 2/3 times a night and feel so much more alert. The coaches are the most helpful, endlessly patient and knowledgeable fitness and nutrition experts I have ever spoken to and are always there for advice and support. Absolutely brilliant and life-changing.” – Lynda G

Jack Derges“Through NLFitness, I have learned that every person responds in different ways to exercise and nutrition. Much in the same way, we all have a unique fingerprint; we all have individual levels of tolerance to certain food groups, we all are genetically predisposed to respond in different ways to exercise and we all have our own levels of commitment! Having Nick and The Team as a personal trainer for the months leading up to each project was vital for me to attain a shape that, aesthetically, was my peak. Achieving what I was physically capable of in a natural, legal way was very important to us.” – Jack Derges

Pen Hadow“Without any question, NLFitness have been instrumental in enabling me to achieve my uber-ambitious goal to transform my 50 year-old body to its 17 year-old state, involving weight loss of almost 3 stone over 6 months, and recapturing my lost flexibility, fitness and strength. Result? Total success against considerable odds. And a permanent change of eating habits to boot. The coaches were there to catch me every time I fell … and to help me stand-up again. Not your average personal training service” – Pen Hadow

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