Strength and Conditioning Camp

Take your strength and body to the next level

  • Done-for-you programme – simply turn up with a willingness to give it beans, we take care of the rest!
  • Up-to-date, proven, effective training methods – although our key values and principles stay the same, our training programmes change based on current research.
  • Non-intimindating environment
  • Fully qualified and experienced coaches
  • Private Facebook support group

“I started training a couple of years ago, in the first year I used the Internet as a guide and found myself swamped with information and not really making much progress with my goals. I found NLFitness via word of mouth, the training is structured for me with a variation of exercises not even the Internet possess, coupled with the right training intensity my CNS has evolved from being a fairly sedate 30 something into a 40-year-old monster!” – Rich D

“My training has been on and off over the past 3 years until I came to NLfitness earlier this year. I have enjoyed every session of the Strength Camps, and it has given me great results. The energy and motivation put into every session really show through everyone who comes a week in week out. I am moving away from the area in a few months, and I am dreading the thought of not being able to train at NLfitness in the future. The coaches are incredible and pour their heart and soul into every single one of the members.” Jamie D

A word from Founder Nick

“The Strength Camp started based on my own training, after years of travelling the world in search of the best training methods and key principles, world-class trainers were implementing. The thing I love most is that this learning curve is a continual process, and the Strength Camps are always evolving because of it! We don’t tie ourselves to one style of training, we use the most tried and tested, up-to-date and effective training methods.

I think the reason clients have so much success is the detail in the programming, along with the accountability. We use progressive overload to ensure you constantly improve week after week, month after month. Nothing is left to chance and every exercise we perform is chosen for a reason. We have members learn more in their first month than they have training on their own for years! And because of this, their results follow suit. Strength increases, bodyfat comes down and muscle mass goes up. Creating a perfect blend of strength and body shape you they can be proud of. A body that not only looks good but can perform well, whether that’s playing with their children, being able to run without pulling a muscle or simply moving pain free!

We have a brilliant attendance record and retention rate, which is great as consistency is one of the key things that makes our programmes so effective. Having other people to be accountable to really keeps you motivated and the fun group atmosphere ensures you’re pushing yourself when you need to, it really brings out the best in people, it’s an environment people really enjoy being in” – Nick

before and after

“Following the introduction of the Strength Camps at NLFitness, I decided that 3 one hour long sessions a week really wouldn’t be too hard to commit to. I have to admit that after the first weeks camp was completed and all results had been recorded, I was shocked at just how unfit and how much strength I had lost over a year or so. However, through a combination of healthy eating, hard work, and dedication, after 4 weeks I was amazed just how much I had improved! I felt stronger, I was fitter, felt better in myself and more confident, and had the motivation back that I’d lost to keep myself in this shape!” – Craig H

“I got back from holiday looking a touch fat which needed losing. I’ve tried the gym before but always found it boring with no real help or instruction on doing the exercises correctly. The strength camp at NL Fitness has been a different kettle of fish though. The programmes are excellent with great results, but the real winner for me is the atmosphere that Nick creates. It’s never boring, always varied and good fun with great banter! You get great instruction so you are never doing the exercises wrong, you are pushed so you get the results you want and get great nutrition advice.” – James M

Choose 2 or 3 sessions a week with a choice of days and times

Monday 6-7pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Friday 6-7pm

before and after before and after