After a fairly bizarre year for most, I thought it apt to give you a roundup of how it’s been our end, and what’s been going on behind the scenes. But mainly, this blog post serves as a heartfelt THANK YOU to our clients, members and coaches.

Clients and Members

I don’t know where we’d be without you. Your unwavering support during this strange time has meant the world, not only carrying on using our adapted services, but just knowing you’re there and still in contact means even more.
A big part of our offering is the camaraderie and social element – and to have this taken away so abruptly and frequently was tough, but seeing so many smiley faces over Zoom at 0645 in the morning was a highlight! A huge, huge thank you to you all for your continued support.


It was great to see so many of our coaches adapt to the online way, setting up some kind of virtual service to clients – whether group, 1-to-1 or online consultations.To see The Team adapt so quickly (literally about 2 days notice) was great, and to see those adapted services carry on, evolve and open doors to help more people ongoing is even better.

A big thank you to Studio Manager Ruth over the last year. Ruths support in running our online coaching and Fitness Camps has been amazing, working around family life and clients, and offering her own training equipment to those who needed it. She’s now popped over to Barbados with her family for a year…a much sunnier setting for carrying on virtual training with clients and members. Not jealous at all…

A big thank you to anyone who has liked, shared or commented on any of our (fairly sporadic, we’re crap at it) social media posts – a simple like might mean someone who hasn’t heard of us now has heard of us. It really does go a long way.

We all tried to stay as proactive as possible during the time we were closed, not only in continuing adapting services, but also making some improvements at The Studio…

– Upgraded our Unit A squat racks to a rig that offers more function and space, and added an extra rack to Unit B to create a new functional training area. Big thanks ERAFit

-Upgraded our WiFi to Fibre to ensure our streaming is bang on
– Developed a members area which houses programmes, nutrition guides and demo videos
– Repainted
– Rolled out a full online coaching platform for Personal Training and Group Training (which we will continue, pop us a message if you’re interested)
– Ran weekly QnAs in our Faceboom group

– Hammered the CPD, completing numerous courses, online seminars and audiobooks.

From a personal stand point, it’s been a mixed bag of a year. We were physically closed for around 4 months which was tough from a business standpoint, but on the plus side it meant more time spent with my family which was great, especially with a fast growing 1 year old. It meant more time for BBQing (did I mention my 4th place finish at Britain’s Best BBQer 2009? Available for hire), DJing to a very average standard, exploring more locally and importantly working ON the business instead of IN the business…which can be tricky, as any small business owner will tell you.

As I’m sure everyone else found, 2020 put a lot into perspective and made us all appreciate the small/important things.

I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and fingers crossed for a slightly more normal 2021…whatever that looks like! And again THANK YOU for your support.

Stay strong and healthy,