NLFitness began back in 2009 with one aim; empower people through health and fitness to be the best version of themselves and realise their physical and mental potential.

In 2015, we opened our own Studio doors for the first time, and we’ve been helping people ever since. We now work from a 2,000sq ft Studio space which houses some of the best training, nutrition and injury rehab minds in the business, along with a range of bespoke equipment.

Our emphasis has always been coaching first. It’s simple to put the time and hard work in, but we want to ensure that time spent is maximised and effective for YOU, the individual.

We utilise the best training techniques, coaching, equipment and lifestyle adaptations available to bring you the ultimate package for improvement. From our point of view, we have always invested more time, money and effort in coaching and teaching as opposed to unnecessary equipment and gimmicky fads.

All of our trainers work to a similar set of principles which are constantly evolving and improving, but all have their own specialities and backgrounds. This gives us the flexibility to choose a coach and training style that if of most benefit to you, the individual.

We firmly believe training should be something to look forward to as opposed to a necessity you feel you have to do. We want to be the best part of our clients’ day!

NLFitness marks the transition into a modern style of training with an old school work ethic. Our markers of improvement and aims of training and lifestyle are often health and performance. Train to improve strength, mobility and fitness – eat to nourish and fuel a healthy, robust body that is thriving, not just surviving.

Not Your Average

The tagline Not Your Average originated back in 2009, when we took on our very first client; Time’s magazines “Hero of the environment” Pen Hadow – an artic explorer looking to be the first person to trek 1,000 miles solo across the North Pole ice cap without resupply (…not something they prepare you for on courses)
After working with Pen for several months, he wrote us a glowing review. The last statement on the testimonial stuck – “not your average Personal Training service”. Since then, that’s been our tagline.

Pen Hadow

Not Your Average is now more than a statement, it’s an approach we encourage everyone to use in every area of their life. To do things most people aren’t willing to do, challenge the status quo and encourage others to do the same.