NLFitness began with one aim; empower people through health and fitness to be the best version of themselves and realise their potential.

We utilise the best training techniques, coaching, equipment and lifestyle adaptations available to bring you the ultimate package for improvement. From our point of view, we have always invested more time, money and effort in coaching and teaching as opposed to unnecessary equipment and gimmicky fads.

All of our trainers work to a similar set of principles which are constantly evolving and improving, but all have their own specialities and backgrounds. This gives us the flexibility to choose a coach and training style that most benefits you.

We firmly believe training should be something to look forward to as opposed to a necessity you think you have to do.

NLFitness marks the transition into a modern style of training with an old school work ethic. Our markers of improvement and aims of training and lifestyle are often health and performance. Train to improve strength, mobility and fitness – eat to nourish and fuel a healthy, robust body that is thriving, not just surviving.

A nice side effect of this is you look and feel awesome.