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Take the guesswork out of improving YOUR health and fitness!

Performance Based Health, Fitness and Nutrition - Tavistock, Devon.

Welcome to NLFitness

Nick Lane Fitness

NLFitness began with one aim; to use health and fitness as a medium to empower people to become the best versions of themselves.
We do things a bit differently here. We don’t wow you with flashy fads that are gone as quickly as they arrive. No gimmicks. Just hard work, intelligent, exciting training and a willingness to change. Quality coaching that will change your outlook on health and fitness. Don’t take our word for it, come in and have a look…

NL Fitness - Health

A fresh outlook to your health

We want training, nutrition and lifestyle change to be something you’re looking forward to, because living off chicken and broccoli and performing burpees until your eyes pop out isn’t our idea of fun. Read more.

NL Fitness - Services

Training and Nutrition

Our training and nutrition strategies are programmed around you. We meet you at YOUR starting point and build a progressive plan from there. Nutrition is similar; we all have busy schedules so we tailor food recommendations around them. We don’t force you into something unrealistic. Read more.

NL Fitness - Qualifications

Qualifications And Experience

Our passionate trainers hold numerous qualifications, participate in regular development and education and hold a wealth of experience with clients from varying backgrounds. You are here to learn from us, not be simply told what to do. Read more.

Ready to Make the Change?

Get in touch or pop in and see us to see how we can help. Take the first step to unleashing your potential….

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Our Facility

Not only do we offer top class coaching, we also boast a facility with top of the range equipment. Not an inch of space is wasted, the equipment we have serves a big purpose. We don’t house big chrome machines that allow you train one movement, we use other equipment which offers much more benefit and allows us more space to work.

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  • Saskia Sills - NL Fitness

    “All the training I do in the gym is for performance gains when I’m out on the water. Without Nick’s help this year I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Nick knows exactly what he’s talking about and always has a lot of knowledge and advice to give whether thats about strength, conditioning or nutrition. I’m looking forward to continuing our training over the years. I am feeling strong, fit and confident working with Nick which is great for me as I need to be constantly improving and ready for competition.”

    Saski Sills. 3 x World Champion Windsurfer

  • Pen Hadow - NL Fitness

    “Without any question, Nick has been instrumental in enabling me to achieve my uber-ambitious goal to transform my 50 year-old body to its 17 year-old state, involving weight loss of almost 3 stone over 6 months, and recapturing my lost flexibility, fitness and strength. Result? Total success against considerable odds. And a permanent change of eating habits to boot. Nick was there to catch me every time I fell … and to help me stand-up again. Not your average personal trainer – actually, he is evidently quite an extraordinary one.”

    Pen Hadow - Arctic Explorer, Motivational Speaker, Environmental Advisor

  • Lynda Glover - NL Fitness

    “WOW! It was as if someone had waved a magic wand! Within a short time I had lost that stubborn abdominal flab and dropped from a size 14 to a size 10.  I now have loads of energy, I sleep well after years of waking 2/3 times a night and feel so much more alert.

    Nick is the most helpful, endlessly patient and knowledgeable fitness and nutrition expert I have ever spoken to and is always there for advice and support.  Absolutely brilliant and life changing.”

    Lynda Glover - Finance Manager

  • Allan Herdman - NL Fitness

    “Around 20 athletes attended the two sessions and both were very well received.
    The Strength & Conditioning workshop was a practical based session where Nick clearly explained the basics of using weights to supplement training and, through a variety of demonstrations, took us through a number of exercises.
    Our Nutrition session was more in the form of presentation with an open forum question and answer segment. Feedback from those who took part was very positive: not only with the content of the session but also with the knowledge, authority and delivery from Nick.
    I would strongly recommend Nick to anyone looking for good knowledge and advice in these areas.”

    Allan Herdman - Tavistock Athletics Club

  • Muzi Bongani - NL Fitness

    “Thanks Nick, for everything you have done for the Swaziland team. Nick was heavily involved in the training of the Swazi athletes as they were preparing for the London 2012 Games. I personally learned a lot from Nick about strength work and flexibility. I have taken a lot from Nick to Swaziland. Keep up the good work.”

    Muzi Bongani - Swaziland Olympic Coach

  • Jack Derges - NL Fitness

    “Over the years I have witnessed Nick continue to build on the foundations of his University education, culminating in a trip to the US to learn from the best trainers in the world.

    As an actor and fitness model, I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on a professional basis. He has helped me train for two recent film roles – roles in which I needed to be in ‘photo-ready’ shape for. Working with a brief from the production, Nick advised me on every area of my training and nutrition in order to help me achieve one goal – optimum body composition.”

    Jack Derges - Actor & Reflex Nutrition Sponsored Model