We offer a range of services based on individual and small group needs, but here are our 4 main offerings and some info on what makes them so special…

Personal Training

Everyone is different, so your training, nutrition and lifestyle tweaks should be too! No stone is left unturned as we delve deep into all areas that can help us achieve the results you are after.

Working alongside your Personal Coach who you are matched with based on your goal and personality type, you’ll go into detail and uncover all of the limiting factors holding you back, figure out a bespoke plan and begin the journey towards and happy, healthier you!

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Fitness Camps

Not everyone has the time or budget for Personal Training, so we made our most popular fitness and fat loss programme available as a 4-week group plan!

With multiple time slots and sessions to choose from over the course of the month programme, you can find the right level of commitment for you and join others in the quest to make massive massive leaps in health, fitness and fat loss! The accountability of the coaches and Camp members is a sure fire way to keep you motivated…

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Strength Camp

We had so many people asking for a Strength based Fitness Camp to get strong, lean and powerful we had to get them started!

Not everyone wants to simply lose bodyfat. Our Strength Camps are based around the fundamentals and modern training tactics to ensure all members are training to add muscle size and strength, all while keeping the tempo high and staying lean. The amount of tuition and knowledge is unparalleled as we show you the correct, SAFE and most productive way to train with weights…

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As of 2018, we now offer Physiotherapy as an in-house service.

We are very lucky to have elite level Physio Lottie of Catalyst Kinetics on hand to take care of any injuries, issues and ailments clients may have. Lottie works from NLFitness HQ and offers a range of therapies and treatments to keep everyone pain and injury free!

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