• Nick Lane

    Personal Trainer, Head of Programme Design

    After spending 3 years at Hartpury College studying Sports Conditioning and Coaching, Nick found his calling in coaching health and fitness, and began training clients in 2009. Since then Nick has worked with Olympians and GB athletes, arctic explorers, local teams and people simply wanting to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. This led Nick to open the NLFitness Facility in March 2015, and devotes himself to pursuing innovative ways to train whilst filtering out the nonsense. Not a fan of quick fixes and fads, Nick uses small, consistent changes to create habits which point you in the right direction and lead to big changes over time. 

    Nick has studied in America, holds qualifications in fitness and nutrition, and is a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist. 

  • Matt Smallercombe - NL Fitness

    Matt Smallacombe

    Personal Trainer / Strength Coach

    After growing up playing football to a county level, Matt discovered the benefit of strength and fitness training and it’s impact on his performance and physique. This spark gave Matt the incentive to study as a Personal Trainer, to help others benefit from structured, intelligent training. Wanting a new challenge, Matt stumbled into powerlifting, and his competitive spirit took over taking him to 4th at the British Nationals 2014. Matt is a self-confessed nerd when it comes to training and nutrition and is not only always learning, but applying this knowledge with great effect. Functional strength is a big part of Matt’s training philosophy, and when tied in with correct nutrition (currently undertaking the BodyType Nutrition coaching programme) it creates fantastic results.


  • Vicki Terry

    Personal Trainer and Aerial Specialist

    In 2004 Vicki found a passion for Pole Dancing as a way to keep fit and improve upper body and core strength. She specialised as a Pole Dance instructor in 2008 going on to complete her advance instructor training in 2010, she also completed her Tri-Fly Aerial Yoga training in 2013 and has taught classes all over south-west England and the west coast of Ireland. Since then she has gone on to study Advance Anatomy and Physiology and is now a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer as well as receiving qualifications in Kettle Bell, Core, Suspension and Circuit Training. Vicki is also competing in her first bikini model competition with UKUP this year and enjoys eating lean and making gains!

  • Ruth MacIntyre

    Personal Trainer

    After an initial run in teaching, mum of 2 Ruth found her passion in Personal Training. After noticing huge improvements in her running and body shape from a structured strength and conditioning programme, she decided to use her teaching background to guide others on a similar path. Although not limited to training mums, Ruth knows the struggle it can be getting your confidence and body shape back post-children, and the best plan of action to get you back on track and feeling yourself. Ruth also remains an integral part of the local running club, advocating the many benefits of progressive resistance training.

    Ruth has gone on to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer, training 1-to-1 clients and groups helping them regain confidence, body shape and energy.

  • Lottie Fulton


    Lottie’s main aim and passion as a Physiotherapist is to keep her athletes and her clients injury free and to educate her clients to be able to draw on the tools given to them to help them understand, recognise and prevent further injuries. Lottie has recently been studying and working in Vancouver with professional athletes and has decided to bring her skills back to Devon.

    Lottie draws on her personal experiences as a national athlete and her knowledge of posture, sport injuries, motor vehicle accidents, biomechanics, functional movement and chronic pain to develop tailored and effective active rehabilitation programs.

    Lottie combines a vast range of treatments from Sports Massage, Acupuncture Dry Needling, Joint Mobilisation, Biomechanical Assessments and much more to give clients everything they need to prevent and recover from injuries, pain and misalignments.

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  • Sarah Bennett


    Sarah has long held an interest in nutrition and health and after having a previous career in Radiotherapy, she decided to pursue her passion and become a certified nutritionist from Mac-Nutrition Uni.
    Sarah knows nutrition and lifestyle plays a significant role in health and well-being. She uses her evidence-based approach to enable people to embrace a healthy way of living through the food they enjoy and the life they lead.
    As a busy mother of 3, Sarah understands the needs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while managing family life.
    Sarah will help you to use specific tools and habits to achieve your personal goals whilst fitting in with your own lifestyle.
    She has a special interest in sports nutrition and covers other aspects including health, weight management and clinical nutrition.
    When Sarah isn’t helping people build healthy nutritional habits, she’ll likely be at the beach or powerlifting!