Nick Lane

Owner / Personal Trainer / Head of Programme Design

After spending 3 years at Hartpury College studying Sports Conditioning and Coaching, Nick found his calling in coaching health and fitness, and began training clients in 2009. Since then Nick has worked with Olympians, GB athletes, arctic explorers, local teams and people simply wanting to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. This led Nick to open the NLFitness Facility in March 2015, and devotes himself to pursuing innovative ways to train whilst filtering out the nonsense. Not a fan of quick fixes and fads, Nick uses small, consistent changes to create habits which point you in the right direction and lead to big changes over time.

Nick has studied in America, holds qualifications in fitness, nutrition, strength and conditioning, is a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and a Level 4 Personal Trainer.

Outside of health and fitness, Nick enjoys spending time with his family, BBQing and DJing (badly).

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Ruth Website Shot

Ruth MacIntyre

Personal Trainer / Head of Online Training

After an initial run in teaching, mum of 2 Ruth found her calling in Personal Training. After noticing huge improvements in her running and body shape from a structured strength and conditioning program, she decided to use her teaching background to guide others on a similar path. Ruth has since completed her pre and postnatal training qualification and although not limited to training mums, Ruth knows the struggle it can be getting your confidence and body shape back post-children, and the best plan of action to get you back on track and feeling yourself.

Ruth sees professional development as vital in her role and knows that what we do in the gym is only a small part of the picture. With this in mind, she has recently embarked on an accredited life coaching qualification to help those that are at a crossroads and need some help getting on the right path.

Ruth has gone on to become a Level 4 Personal Trainer, training 1-to-1 clients and groups, both in person and online, helping them regain confidence, body shape and energy.

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Matt Smallacombe

Strength & Conditioning Coach / Nutritionist / Personal Trainer

Matt has worked in the Fitness industry since 2011 and in that time has worked with many clients with varying goals, from those wanting to improve their performance, build muscle and strength, lose weight or just to feel and move better. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who has had the privilege of working with athletes from many different sports, including, swimming, ironman, triathlon, rugby, football and powerlifting just to name a few. Matt is a self-confessed nerd when it comes to training and nutrition and is always keeping up to date with the latest research into these subjects, so that his clients get the best service possible. Matt is a certified Nutritionist from the renowned BTN Academy and his philosophy is that we should all put our health and performance as a top priority over any ‘quick fixes’.

On a personal note, Matt is a National level competitive Powerlifter who finished 4th at the British Nationals in 2014; he has also more recently finished 7th and 6th in a higher weight class and held multiple divisional Squat records. This compliments his coaching knowledge as he knows what it takes to achieve your goals at a high level.

Matt is a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Level 1 & 2 International Strength System Certified Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer

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Daisy Peters

Sports Therapist / Injury Rehab Specialist

Daisy began her career in the health and fitness industry in 2018, settling on a degree in Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation and is now qualified and a practicing Sports Therapist. As a keen runner and climber she felt there was a gap in the industry for well supported, individualised rehabilitation techniques following injury, something she had experienced first hand herself on numerous occasions! 

With a passion for injury prevention, particularly through encouraging her clients to be strong, not just for activities but daily life, Daisy has incorporated many strength and conditioning techniques into her practice, with great success. 

Whether treating clients in the clinic or working with them in the gym, Daisy never uses a ‘one sizes fits all’ approach to recovering from injuries or getting stronger and really enjoys working 1-1 with clients to understand and build an approach that works best for their lifestyle, with the hope of making them bulletproof! 

Daisy’s practice is regularly updated and in line with modern research and CPD courses, and she hopes to be able to focus on women’s health and injury proofing for sport, learning more about this area in the future.

When not in the clinic or the gym, Daisy can often be found running, cycling, climbing or adventuring with her daughter Lily (generally trying to keep up!). 


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Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett


Sarah has long held an interest in nutrition and health and after having a previous career in Radiotherapy, she decided to pursue her passion and become a certified nutritionist from Mac-Nutrition Uni.

Sarah knows nutrition and lifestyle plays a significant role in health and well-being. She uses her evidence-based approach to enable people to embrace a healthy way of living through the food they enjoy and the life they lead.

As a busy mother of 3, Sarah understands the needs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while managing family life.

Sarah will help you to use specific tools and habits to achieve your personal goals whilst fitting in with your own lifestyle.

She has a special interest in sports nutrition and covers other aspects including health, weight management and clinical nutrition.

When Sarah isn’t helping people build healthy nutritional habits, she’ll likely be at the beach or powerlifting!

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Ben Neale

Run Coach / Run Group Leader

Ben entered the world of running 12 years ago when he set himself the challenge of running a marathon before he turned 30 years old. Now aged 35, Ben has completed 9 marathons…so far and it is fair to say that running is his life but making sure it fits around his 3 children and work life is essential.

Within the last 4 years Ben has gained his ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ and ‘Coaching in Running Fitness’ qualifications through England Athletics. At present he is studying to obtain an ‘Endurance Event’ qualification to broaden his horizons further and be able to help a wider range of athletes.  Ben has the honour to be coach mentored by the British Milers Club which is the premier middle distance athletics club in the UK, aimed at improving the standard of British athletics.

Consistency in training methods over the years whilst continuing to fine tune his technique has led to a number of successes and seeing his times to tumble. Ben has won a number of races including, but not limited to, The Tavy 13 twice, Henley-on-Thames ½, Ivybridge 10K and Plymouth ½. His improved times allowed him to also represent Devon on a number of occasions.

He is excited now to be able to work with a range of athletes on a more personal level helping them achieve their individual goals whether those be completing their first 5km, running a marathon or knocking down their times.

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