The Facility

The NLFitness facility isn’t like many traditional gyms you will have seen before. It’s not fancy, it’s not flashy. More emphasis is put on coaching and what you do with the equipment; we’re not here to wow you with chrome and electronics.  

All equipment (unless otherwise stated) is sourced from StrengthShop in Glasgow, a leader in strength training equipment… 

  • 2 riot power cages
  • A mixture of bumper and steel cast plates 
  • A selection of Olympic bars
  • Dumbbells ranging from 4-50kg 
  • Astro turf run with prowler (sled) 
  • Selection of kettlebells, medicine balls, powerbags, battling ropes and weighted vests.

What sets the facility apart is atmosphere. Everyone here is training with a purpose, direction and with the commitment of bettering themselves.